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This Is Gospel (Piano Version)
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James marching over to Lily in the common room because he’s found their cats bloody fornicating on his bed and this cannot be happening because his cat is betrothed to a siberian in Ravenclaw and dammit Lily stop laughing this is serious business

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Boarding school roleplays and Private school roleplays have long been a staple genre in this community. As roleplaying is a means to escape, escaping to the glittering world of characters well off enough to go to such prestigious schools has a certain appeal, with Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl being such beloved shows with such enviable wealth seen onscreen. I thought it’d be nice to bring the knowledge and experience I have on this subject into something that can help anyone hoping to start up a roleplay like this while maintaining a touch of reality, in the hopes to dispel often made mistakes and over-glamorizations. I hope this is useful, and if anyone has any questions or things they’d like to share I’m more than willing to help! A like or reblog if this is found useful would be wonderful. 

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It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.
J.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings (via raxleywrites)

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Alright I’m halfway out the door to go to California apparently and then Vegas so i will be gone for the rest of the night-and back Sunday. If you need me I’ll check the app and get back to you as soon as i can sorry this is late notice.

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Okay, so I have a tag proposal for a tag for exlusively non-monochrome character psds. As someone who likes to check out the tag for inspiration and resource reblogging, I’d really like some more organization within the tag. I know that there’s a place for monochrome character psds, but they…

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  • Underused FC Pack ⇢ Mary Kate Wiles
  • Gif Hunt (299)
  • 20 icons
  • Information and Suggestions

Link to zip under cut.

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I’ve barely made a dent in my likes. There’s still 3,000+

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